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TradeFred %100 Deposit Bonus

Do You Get a Deposit Bonus When You Sign up with TradeFred?

As a trader, you must expect a lot of things from your broker. While the basic job of a broker is to provide you with a platform that you can use to enter the financial markets and trade assets. However, today’s brokers can do much more than that for their traders. In fact, if you browse on the internet, you will find out that many brokers are doing their best to go out of the ordinary for their traders. TradeFred is a new broker but within this limited time it has proven itself to be one of the brokers that care the most about their traders.

It does not matter which feature you are looking at, you have to admire how TradeFred has designed everything according to the needs of its traders. One of the things that traders expect from TradeFred is promotions and bonuses. Traders, specifically new ones, need their brokers to offer them something special to attract them towards trading. In addition to that, they want to stay motivated to follow their trading career. Some promotions, incentives, bonuses, and special offers are great ways for brokers to keep the traders motivated. TradeFred does not disappoint in this area as well.

TradeFred Bonuses for Traders

First of all, you might want to know if you get any deposit bonus when you open an account. The deposit bonus is often given in the form of credit that it is awarded to the traders as soon as they make their first deposit in their account with the broker. You will notice that such promotions are not common with online brokers. It makes sense for brokers to not offer any bonuses at the time of signing up. Even if you get some credit from the broker, chances are that you will end up wasting that money because you still won’t know much about trading. It is best that you are given incentives and bonuses when you have learned how to trade.

So, when it comes to cashback offers at the time of signing up and making your first deposit, you don’t really get any bonus from the broker. However, TradeFred has introduced two different types of bonuses that are much better and more useful than the welcome bonus. Let’s take a look at these two different types of bonuses one by one.

The Trade Cash Reward

The most plausible reason for you to get a reward from the broker is when you are active with your trades. Imagine someone who trades only twice in six months. When this person gets a huge bonus for not even being active, the active traders will not feel fairly treated. You just can’t award two different traders the same bonus when you know that one of them is more active with the trades. It happens more often than not that brokers introduce offers that are the same for all of their traders. While they are trying to do good, they are not really making the active traders really happy.

On the other hand, you have TradeFred with its Trade Cash Reward. This particular offer has been introduced by the broker specifically for active traders. The more you trade the higher your chances of getting this promotion are. To get this offer from the broker, you have to make sure that you complete at least 100 trades in any given three months. If you are able to do that, you will get a huge cash reward from the broker. With the most expensive account, you can get up to 50% on the spreads on your trades. It is an amazing offer that keeps the active traders motivated and inspires the non-active traders to be active.

The best thing is that the only requirement for you to avail this offer is to make at least 100 transactions in three months. Once you have successfully qualified for the offer, you will receive the bonus funds right in your account with TradeFred. The best thing is that you can use these funds however you like. If you want to use them to enter into more trades, you can do that. You can even withdraw this money from your account and use it for your personal matters. In short, you have complete control over the bonus you receive from the broker.

Birthday Check Reward

One of the things you will notice about the trading world is that you don’t get many promotions and bonuses for not doing anything. You almost always have to do something to get the rewards from your broker. You can take the example of the trade credit bonus mentioned above. You can get this reward only when you are active every quarter. If you don’t make the required number of transactions, you don’t qualify for the trade credit offer. However, the birthday check reward is completely unique and extremely generous from the broker.

This particular reward does not want you to do much. You can earn this reward by being only averagely active on the platform from the TradeFred. If you are making only 25 sales in a quarter, you qualify for this amazing promotion. Once you have qualified for the promotion, you can expect a $25 gift from the broker to you on the day of your birth. This is an amazing reward and one that you don’t normally see from most of the online brokers. Not only is it rewarding but it also personalizes the relationship between the broker and the trader.

Bottom Line

You can see from the information above that TradeFred is not an ordinary online broker. This is a broker with big aims and goals. The broker has been busy since its launch to give its traders an experience that no other broker on the market is offering. The two amazing promotions are a living proof of that commitment from the broker. Despite being such an active industry, you don’t see a lot of online brokers offering you very generous promotions. In most cases, there are no promotions available from the online brokers.

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